Reflection Beads was created to give you the opportunity to express yourself through jewelry. Providing you a way to select beads that mean something to you and allowing you to arrange them in a way that tells your story - is what our story is all about. Reflection Beads makes available over 3,000 handcrafted beads using Sterling Silver, Gold-plated Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Hand-blown Glass, Italian Murano Glass, Dichroic Glass, Natural Stone, and Swarovski elements.


Some beads feature high quality CZ, enamel or antique finishes as well as dangling charms, a way to really enhance the jewelry. Each silver and gold bead is originally handcrafted in wax by a team of skilled craftsmen, from which the finished beads are cast. The hand-blown glass, Natural Stone, and Dichroic glass beads have a solid sterling silver core. Italian Murano beads have sterling silver end caps. Each bead is then polished to a lustrous finish.


A Reflection Beads bracelet or necklace looks great for any occasion, from casual outings to enhancing your favorite "little black dress." We've designed our products so you can interchange Reflection Beads and charm with jewelry from other popular bead companies. We pride ourselves on our fantastic designs and excellent value for the money.

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