Jewelry Innovations


Beauty. Elegance. Refinement.

Cutting edge designs, elegant statement pieces, and classic styles that have stood the test of time. Whether you choose a piece made of Serinium, Black Diamond Ceramic, Titanium or Gold you can depend on Jewelry Innovations for extraordinary design executed in the finest materials to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Serinium® is the most beautiful of all contemporary metals, with the brilliant white color of white gold. Forged at extreme temperatures and pressures, this high-tech material is ultra-hard and hypoallergenic, and will never tarnish, oxidize or change color. Serinium® is also the safest of jewelry metals, and can be quickly and safely removed in an emergency with commonly available tools, such as a standard ring cracker or even a pair of vice-grip pliers.

Today, Serinium® is the fastest growing contemporary jewelry metal. Available in a wide range of ring designs, from bold men’s styles to the most elegant wedding and engagement bands, there is a perfect Serinium® ring for everyone.